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Celeb parents on the first day of school

13th January 2012 -

         By Katherine Chatfield

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Tammy & son, Ben - credit to @nahala_night

With their tissues ready and kids' bags packed, it's the parents who get the jitters at this time of year.


Tammy MacIntosh
Actor and mother to Ben, 5.

“Ben is really ready to go to school. He’s a very curious boy and thirsty to learn. At his orientation day, I had to leave him for an hour, so I went and had a coffee, counting down the minutes until I could pick him up. Before I did, I watched him through the classroom window; he was shining so brightly. I thought, I don’t have my baby any more.

I think he’ll be a bit nervous on his first day, but I’ll give him a kiss and cuddle and try to treat it as though it’s any other day - even though my heart will be racing and there will be tears at the back of my eyes. I’ll be back at the gate in the afternoon; you never get that moment back.”

TIP: “I’ve put fluorescent key rings on his bag, so he can recognise it among all the identical backpacks.”


BEN SAYS: “I’m excited to go to school. There will be slides and new friends. I have my hat, backpack and shoes ready.”

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