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Interviews / Appearances

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Tammy MacIntosh - Instagram Live

                          Tammy's First Instagram Live

                            (SSE was 22/23rd Jun 2019)

  Uploaded to YouTube 25th June 2019 | Minara Mamedova

                       (thankyou Minara! I missed this!)

60 seconds with Tammy MacIntosh

               22nd March 2018

Wentworth S6 - Tammy MacIntosh

    Found on YouTube | Ves2506

The Interrogation Room

                                2nd May 2017

                       The Interrogation Room

  From the Wentworth Facebook Page @wentworthtv

Up Close & Personal

 All Saints - Up Close & Personal with Tammy MacIntosh
Uploaded to YouTube 14th July 2009 | firedingo99365

Warning: As this recording was of a tv screen, there's a fair bit of flickering on this video - if this means you are unable to watch don't despair, I will be transcribing the content soon!

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