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Top Dog No More?

15th June 2019 - TV Week

june 15 2019 tvweek p6and7.jpg

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Wentworth supremo Kaz has bounced back before, but things aren't looking good...

She has a giant target on her back, and this week in Wentworth one of the inmates has a deadly plan to seize power from Top Dog Kaz Proctor and change the prison forever.

Plenty of inmates want Kaz (Tammy MacIntosh) toppled from her position as ruler of the women. Among them is Marie Winter (Susie Porter).

She's had a beef with Kaz for weeks now, and with good reason - Kaz tried to take her out with a makeshift bomb she lobbed into Marie's cell a few weeks back.

Although she has bad burns to her hands and neck, Marie survived, and this week is released from Medical back into H1. Now, Marie has revenge on her mind...

While Kaz is aware of this, she also knows Marie has been involved with acting governor Will (Robbie Magaziva) and she's willing to use the information against them should it become necessary.

It's not just Marie who has Kaz in her sights. After learning that The Red Right Hand was responsible for her brother's brutal bashing, which left him in a wheelchair for life, new inmate Stang (Morgana O'Reilly) has instructed undercover cop Rita (Leah Purcell) to "kill Kaz Proctor".

Rita has - reluctantly - killed before, when she beat Drago (Natalia Novikova) to death, but it seems unlikely she'd take such drastic measures to ensure her identity isn't blown... but who knows?

And with Kaz out of the way, this paves the way for Stang to run drugs throughout the prison, which is what Kosta (Artemis Ioannides) has talked of doing through her rival drugs cartel.

It's all adding up to a tense stand-off within the walls of Wentworth. Kaz had better watch her back...

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