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Tammy comes to the rescue!

16th November 1991 - TV Week

             By David Brown

nov 16 1991 tammy comes to the

Tammy MacIntosh, last seen in the early days of Chances, has been signed for the second series of ABC's Police Rescue. Tammy is one of four new cast to join Sonia Todd, Gary Sweet, Steve Bastoni, John Clayton, Marshall Napier and Doug Scroope.

Filming of the second series will begin in February. When TV WEEK went to press, there was a question mark over Tim McKenzie, who played Ridgy. He has reportedly given up acting to practice law.

Tammy will play Kathy Orland, a new member of the rescue squad. Producer John Edwards describes her character as "athletic and buoyant".

"She's the all-Australian girl... the girl out of the Australis commercial." John says. "We're very happy to have Tammy on board. We really wanted to introduce some more youthful aspects."

Tammy's character Kathy, is from Mudgee, NSW, who has moved to the city and joined the police rescue squad. The other three new cast will be announced later this year.

The first series of Police Rescue recently picked up three AFI awards, won by Garry Sweet, Sonia Todd, and Peter Shreck.

    Webmaster note: If like me, you had no clue what an Australis commercial was - a quick google offered up a jaunty perfume advert! Australis, from Paris! For fun, I'm including a link!

  Australis perfume commercial 1984 Australia

              Credit to "B Rad" on Youtube

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