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Karlsweb Farscape E-zine

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Tammy MacIntosh

During her introduction, David Kemper told us that she’s done a large number of top Australian shows and that Farscape is really lucky to get her. He said that she was really scared backstage before she came out, but you’d never know it. She immediately won the heart of everyone in the audience. She asked each questioner their name, went over to their side of the stage and stooped down to talk to them. It was very person-to-person and very nice. 

Tammy said that Farscape is a dream job! You’re an alien, you can eat however you want, you can drink however you want! The action is amazing, you have a great cast, and there are great scripts. She said that she had to go through multiple auditions to get the job and before the final one she was really nervous. Originally, her character was a bit more military and a stronger, more action oriented character, but alas, she said, it wasn’t to be.  

When someone asked her if she had done Jool's acrobatics herself in Scratch 'N‚ Sniff, she put down the microphone and did a few cartwheels and flips. In insanely high heeled shoes, too! She used to do acrobatics as a kid and she’s 31 now (and proud of it, too). She said that scene took six takes and got her thinking that she’s too old for that stuff.  

Jool’s color-changing hair was Tammy’s idea. Nobody could decide about the color, so she said why don’t you have it one color and then go red when she gets angry. She said that Jool’s been brought up with all the comforts, a nice house, a loving family and suddenly finds herself in a third-world country living in a straw hut that’s covered with urine. She said that Jool will adapt, she’ll have to. Then she asked if we’d seen the final episodes of the season yet. We tried to tell her we had, but she was too smart to believe that, so we didn’t get any spoilers out of her about Jool.  

In ..Different Destinations, when she drank that Felip urine, her odd way of drinking came from Tammy joking around with some friends the night before the scene was shot. The make-up and wardrobe people weren’t very happy about Jool’s flop in the mud during that episode. The wig alone costs a small fortune.  

She actually does that dreadful scream herself. I always thought they added it afterwards with some awful blackboard-scratching device or something, but she gave us a demonstration, and yep, it’s really Tammy doing the screaming. Speaking of screaming, she talked Lani into doing the scream with her in Fractures. “C’mon Lani! They’re never gonna use it!” 

Jool was named after David Kemper’s grandmother, who was, according to Tammy, a very cool lady. 


A fan asked her about the day she was supposed to have been on the chat at SciFi. She said that she had gotten a little paint in her eye which resulted in a sty. She ended up having to go to an eye hospital and have the thing drained. That’s why Jool wore the eye-patch at the end of Fractures, claiming she got some Boolite in her eye.

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