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"I felt I was being treated like a piece of meat..."

23rd Feb 1991 - TV Week
        By David Brown

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Now Tammy's taking no more Chances

While the Nine Network's controversial new drama Chances continues to steam up the screens, there's been plenty of action behind the scenes, too.

Any chance of Tammy MacIntosh returning to the series - she has just left after playing a guest role as the seductive Mandy Foster - is now in jeopardy.

Nine and the Chances producers were delighted with the reaction to Tammy's guest part and offered her another 12 weeks' work on the series.

But Tammy and Chances have fallen out. Her controversial stripping scene with Jeremy Sims (Alex), which screened last week, is the cause of the drama.

Tammy was not happy with the filming of the scene - or how she was treated.

According to a Chances source, Tammy exaggerated the seduction scene during the first take. Then, when it came to doing the scene a second time, Tammy didn't go as far - and refused to. The producers decided to use the first take and put it in the episode which went to air; But when Tammy heard of that decision, she stormed off the set.

"She said she felt like she was being treated like a piece of meat," a source reports.

Since the incident, the relationship between Tammy and Chances has changed dramatically, but she and Chances producer Lynn Bayonas refuse to comment.

Tammy and the rest of the cast signed a special clause in their contracts which allows the director to use them in semi-nude and nude scenes. Nine takes great care to try to ensure that none of the cast is offended. The cast members also can approve publicity stills of the raunchier scenes.

Sources say Tammy's boyfriend, a Melbourne businessman, also was not pleased with her sexy scenes.

Jeremy and Tammy's first love scene together in the adult drama called for a back shot of a naked Tammy.


Before her first episode screened, Tammy told TV WEEK: "My first scene is sex. I've never done anything like that before... I was petrified. I was really very nervous about it. What we ended up doing was film of me wearing a silk shirt and underpants. I very romantically and sexily walked over to him, sat in a chair, leant over and kissed him and then took my shirt off".

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