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Flying Doctors' Tammy MacIntosh shapes up

29th December 1990 - New Idea


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Hailed as one of Australia’s most exciting young talents, Tammy MacIntosh, 20, is a high-voltage performer whose emotions are never far from the surface. However, Tammy says the past year did not give her much opportunity really to strut her stuff. She says she was frustrated by the lack of major storylines for her character Nurse Annie Rogers in television’s The Flying Doctors, so she quit.


Then Tammy fell off a motorcycle and broke a collarbone during a celebrity race at Phillip Island.


But 1991 is shaping up well. She will co-star opposite Jason Donovan in a new Australian movie It’s Now Or Never. “It’s a fantastic script,” she says. “It’s inspirational. When I read it, I cried.”


Set in a small Australian coastal town during the lead-up to the 1960 Rome Olympics, it tells of a group of teenagers whose lives revolve around the local swimming team.

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