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Will Rescue Save Tammy?

2nd April 1994 - TV Week
       By Darren Devlyn

april 2 1994 tv week article.jpg
april 2 1994 tv week article.jpg

The bubbly actress admits she's facing an uncertain future...

Tammy MacIntosh has entered a new phase in bother her professional and private lives.

Tammy, a highly-regarded talent in the acting industry, brims with enthusiasm about her film debut in Police Rescue: The Movie; But for the first time in two years, she faces an uncertain future.

Asked if she's leading a single life, Tammy says: "You could say that." 

And what are her plans between now and her next acting role? "Catch up with girlfriends and my goddaughter," she says. "The difficult thing about working so hard on a show such as Police Rescue is that you don't get to see enough of the people who are important to you. I really want to travel next year, because I've never been out of Australia... and I'd like to do some studying at some point... getting back to real life again. It's important to do that. There are so many young actors who've got all this work and attention one minute, then it stops and they can't adjust. It's hard to slip out of the TV star or movie star world. Mentally, it's very confusing."

Initially, Tammy suffered great turmoil after moving from Melbourne to Sydney to work on Police Rescue. She would travel home on weekends to be with her boyfriend of four years, and suffered intense bouts of loneliness while they were separated.

Professionally, Police Rescue has been good for Tammy. She believes she has produced the best acting of her career in her role as Kathy Orland. However, 24-year-old Tammy is uncertain whether the series will continue.

Her success in the show is partly due to research. She trained with a police squad and learned to absail - a skill that deserted her during the shooting of Police Rescue: The Movie.

"I think I lost my nerve because I hadn't done any abseilling for so long," Tammy says. "For the first time I got scared of heights... and I never get scared. I wouldn't go over the edge of this building. I just froze in a panic attack. I said to the director, 'I'm not going over unless you come with me'. That's exactly what he did, because he knew he wouldn't get the shot he needed unless he did it, too."

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