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Tammy's 'panel' show | Tammy 'crashes' back

3rd August 1991 - TV Week

        By Darren Devlyn

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Former Flying Doctors and Chances star Tammy MacIntosh has a new job... in a panelbeating shop!

But before you jump to any conclusions about just how bad the television industry is going, you should know that the fender-fixing establishment is the setting for a new sitcom, about to go into production for Network Ten.

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The former Flying Doctors beauty returns to television - in a panelbeating shop!

Former Flying Doctors star Tammy MacIntosh is set to return to TV - making her comedy debut in the new Network Ten sitcom Bingles. Tammy will join Shane Bourne, Russell Gilbert, and Nick Bufalo in the show, which is set in a panelbeating workshop.

Bingles comes from the creator of The Comedy Company, Ian McFadyen, and is being produced for the network by his company Media Arts.


Other cast members in the half-hour sitcom, which goes into production this week, include veteran actor Cliff Ellen and Melbourne comedienne Sally-Anne Upton.

august 3 1991 tammy crashes back.jpg

"The team performs in a work situation, but it's about anything but work," McFadyen says. The workshop is owned by Ron (Cliff Ellen). Tammy plays his daughter and Sally-Anne is Deidre, his lazy, over-eating secretary. Barry (Shane Bourne) Kev, (Russel Gilbert) and Tony (Nick Bufalo) are panelbeaters.

McFadyen is also working on another sitcom, for the Seven Network. Titled Newlyweds, it is based on a Comedy Company skit.

                                                                                                                                            By Nicola Murphy and Darren Devlyn.

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