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Tammy's One Of The Boy's Again

4th December 1992 - TV Week

          By Sandra McLean


Credit to nahala_night on instagram, for

providing magazine scan.

In the ABC’s Police Rescue, Tammy MacIntosh plays the tomboy of the team.

Feisty and tough, she never misses the chance to run with the boys and if possible, beat them.


It’s a role close to Tammy’s heart – and her part in the new Saturday night sitcom on Ten, Bingles. As Stacy Bignell, Tammy plays the tomboy daughter of the owner of a panel-beating workshop. She puts a spanner in the works when she returns from a stint as a jillaroo out west to work with her father – and lands him with the worry of shielding her from the advances of mechanic Tony Monello (Nick Bufalo).


“This guy is always trying to win her, but she just isn’t interested,” says Tammy. “She only wants to be a mechanic.”


Like Tammy’s Police Rescue character, Kathy Orland, Stacy is too busy doing her own thing to dwell on the opposite sex.


“I swear all my characters are asexual,” Tammy says with a laugh. “But I kind of enjoy these tomboy roles more than playing a bimbo or somebody who is just a love interest, because they have more strength.”


Tammy, 22, admits it is more than coincidence that her two most recent roles are tomboy types.


“Obviously people get cast according to some traits in their own personality, and in this case I am quite proud of that,” she says. “I have always got along well with men and I never have that sexual barrier happening when I meet men. I am not there for those reasons, and if I am I certainly don’t act like a tomboy. Most times I just try to be on a par with them – they’re mates.”


Bingles, created and produced by Ian McFadyen, has been sitting in the hold basket at Channel Ten for months. The network made two series of the sitcom, which also stars Shane Bourne, but Tammy was written out of the second series after she won the Police Rescue role.


She is now working on a third series of Rescue.


Tammy says she enjoyed the experience of working on Bingles. It gave her a taste for more comedy roles.


“I would like to  do more comedy – maybe not in a sitcom, but a film,” she says.

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