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Tammy Makes Her Stand!

4th March 1989 TV Week

      By Darren Devlen


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For this newcomer from Perth, there's no such thing as merely walking into a role... or a room!


Rookie C’mon Kids presenter Tammy MacIntosh is making her presence felt through the Nine Network corridors.

Tammy is turning heads with her unflagging energy around the studio. She bounds around the office in a series of acrobatic manoeuvres – usually aerial cartwheels or handstands!

Accepting the role on C’mon Kids is a huge step for the effervescent 19-year-old. For six months last year she was a regular performer on the Perth-based youth-talent show Teamworkz. But her experience in tap, jazz, contemporary, classical and modern dance has not prepared her as an interviewer.

Tammy, who has joined Robin Roenfeldt, Mike Brosnan and Vicki Radnidge on C’mon Kids, says she is attacked by

“butterflies” when it comes to talking to the camera.

“It’s all happened so quickly… it is a little bit daunting,” she admits. “When I started I wanted to be able to do everything perfectly straight away, but it’s a lot harder than I expected. By the same token, it’s a great challenge.”

Surprisingly, she is unconcerned about breaking away from her family and friends in Perth to live permanently in Adelaide, where C’mon Kids is produced.

“I never thought twice about it,” Tammy says. “I’m concentrating totally on my career and I feel I’ve got to do everything I can while the opportunities are there. If anything comes along that will benefit my career then I’ve got to treat it seriously.”


Tammy envisages she would like to remain in Adelaide for “about two years if all goes well”.

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