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Art Prints


Marcus Wells

Each print is professionally printed for a beautiful, detailed result in a standard quality print.

12 x 12
18 x 18 in
20 x 20 in
24 x 24 in
36 x 36 in

All prints come unframed.

Many people wonder if the prints are "digital art". While the realistic appearance of the art piece could lead to believe that they are, no, they are not. Each print is a copy of an actual painting created by Marcus Wells with acrylics, gouache, paintbrushes and canvas. In fact, for most of the pieces, you should be able to see brushstrokes, canvas imperfections and such things that come only from an actual, physical painting.

Please note that the 36 x 36 print takes a little longer to produce. Please allow approximately 7 days before the print is shipped to you.

Marcus will be delighted to sign your print upon request.


Want a different image of Tammy? Great news! Marcus also accepts commissions! Get in touch via Etsy.

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