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Kathy Orland

                               circa 1992-1995

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NAME: Constable Kathy Orland
AGE: 22

Kathy Orland has never given up on anything in her life. Nothing is ever too hard or too complicated. That's just how she is. The unselfconscious, outgoing and physically gifted young constable thrives on the challenges presented by Rescue.

Her sensible approach belies her age and her puppy-like enthusiasm endears her to the whole team - with the possible exception of Georgia.

Kathy has proven herself when confronted by an emergency. Her energy is infectious; her stamina, remarkable. But it's this relentless approach that can let her down when she is exhausted. During one delicate rescue of a child trapped in a drain, Mickey came close to punching Kathy out before she finally realised that her tiredness was hindering the operation. She'd been down the drain for nearly 18 hours. She was angry with herself and spent a lot of time trying to work out how the problem crept up on her. Her instinctive approach had let her down.

But, generally, she's the young and easy-going new kid on the block. It's the men who have been floundering, trying to understand this work-mate who doesn't realise she's a girl, and a gorgeous one at that. The problem is that Kathy interacts with the men as though she is one of them! She is totally oblivious of her feminine qualities and, if something fantastic happens, she is likely to give one of the boys a spontaneous peck on the cheek, just adding to their confusion. The men tend to come out of these exchanges gasping for air.

It was this outgoing breeziness that seemed so out of place after her brother's death in a car accident. Kathy was not going to let the tragedy interrupt her effortless lifestyle. She continued to bustle around the office and asked to go out on a difficult rescue. Her grief overwhelmed her, though, when she chased an intoxicated driver, involved in a fatal car accident. Her face was contorted with anger and pain... she caught him and threw him to the ground, punching and screaming. It was then that Georgia came to her rescue. When Kathy lost control and needed support, she accepted Georgia's care with relief. Their friendship has strengthened since.

Georgia and the others are protective of their younger colleague, especially when she shows the introspective side to her character. But, physically, she can hold her own with any of them. Her seemingly impossible exploits under a basketball ring can occasionally leave everybody shaking their heads, and Mickey was as much relieved as ecstatic when he finally beat her in a game of table tennis. But Kathy is hardly a pokerface, and it should be noted that her face suggested she just may have let him win. She's an unpredictable but valuable package.

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In her short career, Tammy MacIntosh has captured the public's attention with her infectious personality and beauty. But, as she has proved in Police Rescue, she is also a talented actress.

"This is far more serious than anything I've ever done, there's much more concentration required," Tammy said. "To be honest, in the past I've winged it, but on this show if you don't give 100 per cent it really shows because everyone else is just so good."

Tammy has appeared in a number of television series including The Flying Doctors, as well as children's programs such as Teamworkz and C'mon Kids.

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Too close to home

Kathy had just received terrible news. Her brother had been killed by a drunk driver, but she wouldn't let herself give in to the grief. She had to keep working.

She begged Nipper to be allowed to go to the next job that came up. Reluctantly, he agreed. The batphone rang and the team - Mickey, Georgia and Kathy - left to attend a motor vehicle accident.

It was a typical scene of tragedy. A couple of young children and their mother lay trapped in a crumpled car while the drunk driver of the other vehicle raved on, denying liability and refusing to take a breath test.

Kathy tried to remain composed, but as one of the children died and the drunk started to run, her fury took over and she chased him.

She caught him, threw him to the ground and, despite Mickey's orders, she shrieked, punched and pounded at the man's chest. For the first time in ehr life, she needed somebody to lean on.

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