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Sydney Dogs & Cats Home

Hey timtams! I have been in discussions recently with this charity. For those of you that have seen Tammy's recent instagram live, you will remember her expressing a desire for her fans to donate to charities, rather than buy her personal gifts. So as a gesture I have decided to start fundraising for an animal shelter, and then we can include this as part of her birthday gift. Any donations greatly appreciated, however I want to stress that the messages are the most important part, and there is no obligation at all, I just wanted to add this as a gesture. Whatever does get raised will be wonderful. You can find the link to donate here:

*If we can manage to raise $1000 AU - then the home will dedicate a paver in the new build, so my goal is to make this happen and get the paver dedicated to Tammy, as she's the one that planted this beautiful seed into the fandom.

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